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Jay Mclean - Lucas /ARC in exchange for honest review/

"To want to be someone's hero when they're faced wwith villains. To want to be the one who saves them. To be their wonderwall."

Published: 01.11.2016

Pages: 373

Read: 23.10.2016

Rating: !!!5 fucking stars!!!

Reading something which nearly everybody said will be wonderful is really hard. Cause, I know Jay Mclean is astonishing writer, but what if this piece it's not that amazing? What if I'll be disappointed?
So, I started reading Lucas and read it very, very slowly. And you know what? I was wrong. It was prologue and I already knew that this one will be something else. Something better.

I tell myself, it can't be bad story if it's story about Lucy's brother. Cause, you know, Lucy was freaking awesome, so Lucas has to be alike. And he is. Lucas is absolutely marvelous hero. Such a beautiful, romantic soul in incredible hot body. I loved him from the very beginning to the very end. He adored his family, took care of his younger brothers, was good friend, helped everyone who needs him, he took live very seriously. Maybe he made some insignificant mistakes, but who doesn't. He wasn't perfect, but none of us is. And that makes him human. And that's why I love characters created by Jay, cause they're real.

And Lois, she's just a good girl. You know that saying „bad things don't happen to good people”. Yeah, it's a lie. Also, they say, everything happens for a reason. Guess what! Another lie.
Because why some people in they twisted minds think that they have rights to take something for someone, without permission.

Statistics say that 1 out of every 6 women has been the victim of an attempted or completed assault. 54% of this are never reported to the police. That's horrifying. So, for all those women I wanna say – it's not your fault. The only one responsible is the person who chose to abuse you. You'll get through this, cause you are survivor, not a victim.

I love that books written by Jay apart of the romance and great story also have this things very important for young people's lives, like bullying, first love, family issues, abuse, addictions. All of this makes this books not only a beautiful story to read, but also a message – after all horrible things you've been through, someday it'll get better.

Ok, enough with this significant stuff, let's go straight to something cheerful.
Oh, man, there was a lot of it.
Of course, Operation Mayhem! Middle School version but, WTF Jay, how you come up with this shit? It's so awesome that my face still hurts from smiling all the time. Even when I think about it right now, I'm smiling. Thank You for that. You made my day.
Also we have opportunity to learn more about Preston family. And I have to say that all boys are a little bit crazy. Don't mean it in the bad way, but each one of them has
own incredible personality. And OMG!! Lachlan is the best. His vocabulary… wow!, so hilarious.

Before “Lucas” I thought Lucy was my favourite person, but right now Lucas also has this title. So, yeah, Lucy and Lucas are my heroes. They all are beautifully broken and perfectly imperfect.

I had huge expectations and it is freaking awesome that I wasn't disappointed, cause Jay writing literally touched my soul. I smiled, cried, few times have been emotional wreck, but in the end I was happy. So allow yourself to be emotional for over 300 pages, and read this book.

I can't recommend enough.

I can honestly say that I am obsessed with Jay Mclean and her writing. And I'm proud of it.
Since February '15 when I touched "More Than This" for the first time, I was in love. And still am.

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